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Brain Injury Laywer Discusses Michigan Brain Injury Seminar

I attended a conference earlier this week on litigation strategies in traumatic brain injury cases in Michigan.  A main topic was the difficulty in convincing juries that an accident victim suffered a brain injury or closed head injury and that the injury has altered their life or caused permanent damage.   Jurors often seem skeptical about a brain injury when the victim was not unconscious after the accident, radiology films are normal (MRI, CT Scan), and the victim is not hospitalized for the injury.  Many jurors incorrectly believe that a person must be in some type of lengthy coma to have suffered a serious brain injury.

The simple fact is that most jurors have never met anyone with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and are deciding important issues based upon their own preconceived ideas as to what is necessary for a person to have a serious brain injury.   Much of this comes from what they see on television or in the movies. 

An experienced brain injury lawyer helps the jurors understand the truth behind brain injuries by presenting doctors and physicians to explain the mechanics of brain injuries and through medical illustrations and videos that depict how the brain is damaged due to a trauma.  It is essential to choose a lawyer that has experience with representing brain injury victims because a thorough understanding of these injuries is necessary to prove and win a case at trial.

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