Birth Injury / Cerebral Palsy
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Brain Damaged Baby Malpractice Suit

A jury has awarded a brain damaged boy $11.4 million dollars in a Wisconsin court after a lengthy trial.  The lawsuit alleged that the hospital and a midwife were negligent in the delivery of the child and this caused permanent and irreversible brain damage.  The hospital, of course, denied any wrongdoing.

Birth injury cases involving cerebral palsy and other type of brain damage to babies typically involve significant damages because of the lifetime of special care and medical treatment that will be required throuhgout the baby's lifetime.  Even as an adult, the child will often require in home supervision or even placement in a special facility.  The cases are very tragic and result in million dollar awards and settlements when the injury is due to the negligence of a medical provider.

Some will say that this is "too much." The reality is that the medical expenses alone for this family will be astronomical. If the folks who caused the injury don't pay for their carelessness then society shares the burden. Lawsuits like this place the burden where it should properly lie.
by Ben Glass November 17, 2008 at 01:47 PM
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