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Best Western Hotel Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Detroit Metropolitan Airport Hotel

A number of guests at the Best Western Hotel at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus, Michigan were recently evacuated from the hotel due to a carbon monoxide danger.  The carbon monoxide leak was discovered on December 28, 2009 after numerous residents complained to the hotel staff about being ill, including some that had passed out on their room floors.  Firefighters came to the hotel and assisted in the evacuation.

Many of the hotel guests had carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms, including dizziness, headaches, and nausea.  Several were transported to Annapolis Hospital for emergency medical treatment.  Due to the emergency situation, ambulances were used for the transportation.

Guests who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning at the Best Western Hotel do have legal rights to be compensated for their injuries.  Many of these injuries may be of a continuing and even permanent nature and the hotel can be liable to the guest for compensation.  Other claims include medical expenses and lost wages incurred due to the illness, as well as pain and suffering from the severe illness.
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