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Bedsore Lawsuit Filed Against Hospital by Oakland County Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers recently filed a lawsuit  against an Oakland County hospital and rehabilitation center for failing to properly recognize, diagnose and treat a decubitus ulcer that developed on the patient’s coccyx.  The patient had fractured his femur in a motor vehicle accident and was in the hospital for surgery and rehabilitation.  Despite the patient’s immobility from the surgery, the nurses and health care providers failed to properly turn and move the patient allowing him to develop a large bedsore.  In addition, their failure to appropriately treat the bedsore caused it to increase in size, become infected and required an extensive flap surgery to heal the wound.  As a result of the medical negligence, the patient was forced to undergo an otherwise unnecessary surgery and has left him with a significant scar.

Our malpractice attorneys have retained numerous medical experts to support the case against the hospital.  Their testimony will establish that the medical staff failed to provide proper treatment for the patient and that this negligence was the cause of his injuries. The lawsuit seeks damages for both the pain and suffering that the patient has gone through as a result of the alleged negligence, as well as the out-of-pocket expenses the patient endured as a result of such injuries.  No trial date has been set by the court.

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