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Battle Creek Truck Accident

A Battle Creek truck accident has left a Litchfield man in serious condition.  The accident occurred on February 21, 2009 after the man lost control of his Ford pickup and jackknifed his trailer.  His truck then crossed the center line of M-60 near 15 Mile Road and hit oncoming traffic.  A Ford Excursion hit the truck, and three of the four occupants of that vehicle suffered minor injuries.  The fourth is in good condition with a broken arm.

I am very sorry this accident occurred.  I hope that everyone involved has a full and quick recovery.

In an accident like this, it is important to determine the rights of the different parties.  First, all people involved can submit a claim for No Fault benefits through their car insurance.  Their No Fault claims will cover things like their medical expenses and wage loss if they have to miss work.  No Fault insurance will also provide payments of up to $20 per day for up to three years if the injured person cannot do their normal chores around the house because of the accident.  Although this may not seem like a lot, this adds up to around $7000 per year.

Second, if someone is seriously injured in a car accident, they can sue the person that caused the accident.  Since who caused the accident and how severe their injuries are will change with each accident, anyone who has been hurt in a car accident should consult with an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer to determine if they can file a lawsuit.

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