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Battle Creek Car Accident Lawyers

A Battle Creek rollover accident injured a woman and as many as 6 children.  The single-vehicle crash occurred on January 30, 2009 along M-66 in East Leroy when a van rolled over into a wooded area.  The driver and one child were transported to a hospital by ambulance.  The other children in the van were all safely removed from the vehicle and at least some of them also suffered minor injuries.  It is believed weather conditions and speed caused the accident.

I am very sorry this accident happened, and I hope everyone involved will be ok.  Specifically, I hope the woman and child who were hospitalized were not seriously injured and will be able to recover fully.

When children are injured in a car accident, many people do not know what recourse they have.  Their confusion is understandable since the children do not have insurance policies of their own.  However, a child can usually submit a claim for Michigan No Fault insurance benefits through his or her parents' insurance policy or through the policy of another adult they live with.  If no one in their house has car insurance, Michigan law estabishes what is called an Order of Priority for determining what insurance policy the child would submit a claim to.  The Michigan car accident lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. can walk you through the Order of Priority and help you submit a claim for No Fault benefits.

When passengers of any age are seriously injured in a car accident, they may be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused the accident.  In an accident like this one, where there is not enough information about the injuries involved, the child who was hospitalized may be able to sue the woman who was driving the van but it is also possible that the child cannot sue.  The child's parents would have to discuss the exact nature of their child's injuries with a lawyer to figure out their options.  In any event, the child could still collect No Fault insurance benefits through their car insurance policy, regardless of how serious the child's injuries are.

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