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Bariatric Surgery Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed For Gastric Bypass Patient

We recently filed a medical malpractice suit on behalf of a patient who underwent bariatric surgery at a Detroit area hospital.  The patient had gastric bypass surgery and developed an anastamotic leak while still hospitalized after the surgery.  She was discharged home and later became extremely septic due to the infection.  She was subsquently taken back to the hospital where she underwent an emergency open repair procedure.  However, due to the leak, she remained hospitalized for two months and underwent four additional surgeris.

The lawsuit was filed against the bariatric surgeon and the hospital alleging negligence for the failure to timely diagnose and treat the leak.  It seeks damages for pain and suffering, disability, and the significant medical expenses incurred due to the hospitalization.  No trial date has been set by the court.
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