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Back Injuries, Discectomy, & Spinal Disc Replacment

Our Michigan personal injury and accident lawyers often represent clients with serious injuries to their back.  These arise from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, work injuries, and other types of trauma.  Quite often, the injury victim does not respond to conservative treatment, like physicial therapy, and is forced to undergo back surgery.

We recently added two articles to our website Library on different types of back surgeries used to repair herniated and ruptured lumbar discs.  Thes are the Discectomy and the Spinal Disc Replacement.  Both procedures have different risks, but if successful can help return a back injury victim toward a road to recovery and back towards their normal life.

Many times, even with successful back surgery, the injury victim will be limited in activities and have restrictions on lifting, bending, and stooping.  This can interfere not only with work duties but also hobbies and recreational activities.  A person who has suffered a back injury due the negligence of another person or business does have legal rights and is often entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries.  If the condition has not completely resolved, these damages may stretch over a person's lifetime. 

It is important to contact an experienced Michigan injury and accident lawyer to discuss the possible compensation and the likelihood of success in a lawsuit.
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