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Back Injuries & Car Accidents

Back injuries are a very common type of injury in a car or motor vehicle accident.  Many times, the accident victim will experience soreness of stiffness for several days and weeks after an accident, but this can often completely resolve without significant medical treatment.  On other occasions, the back injuries are much more severe and require physical therapy and even surgery.  For all of these types of backi injuries, it is essential that the No-Fault Insurance Company pay all benefits related to the accident.

We recently obtained an arbitration award and a significant settlement for two clients injured in separate accidents.  In both of those cases, the accident victims had low back injuries that required extensive medical treatment and caused them to miss work.  They also needed household services to help them around their homes during their period of recovery.  In both cases, the insurance company improperly terminated the benefits and we filed lawsuits to force the insurers to pay the required benefits.

Most accident victims have the innocent belief that because they paid for their auto insurance, the insurance company would pay all of their benefits if they were injured in an accident.  The simple fact is that insurance companies make huge profits by collecting premiums but not paying out benefits.  In many cases, it is only after they are sued by an experienced Michigan No-Fault Insurance lawyer that they pay the accident victim.
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