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Auto Defect Lawsuits Filed Against General Motors

Multiple class action lawsuits have been recently filed against General Motors.  The lawsuits were filed shortly after the delayed recall of 1.6 million small GM cars for ignition problems. Attorneys claim that not only did GM know the switches were faulty, but also knew the position was problematic.Auto Defect Lawsuit Filed Against GM

The most recent lawsuit was filed on Monday and the number of lawsuits is expected to grow.  The lawsuits allege that a faulty ignition switch caused drivers to lose control of their vehicles.  Several drivers were killed or suffered serious injuries as a result of the defective auto part and delayed recall.

While driver error is the most common cause of an auto accident, there are still situations in which an auto defect is the cause or major contributing factor to a car accident.  When serious injury or death results from the defective condition on a car, it can give rise to a products liability lawsuit.

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. our auto accident lawyers in Michigan are actively representing victims and their families who have suffered significant injuries or death as a result of a car accident caused by a defective motor vehicle.

Although car companies always promote the safety of their automobiles, the simple truth is that many cars are either designed improperly or built defectively before sold to consumers.  By federal law, automakers have five days to report a defect to the government, however it is reported that General Motors was aware of this issue as far back as 2001.

If a defective vehicle is not recalled or repaired prior to an auto accident, the driver or passengers injured in the crash may have means to file a claim against the automaker.  For more information about your rights after a car accident with a defective automobile, call our award winning law firm today at (800) 606-1717.  Our Michigan auto accident lawyers will advise you on your legal rights and answer any questions that you may have regarding your case.  We have significant experience handling these types of claims and have helped thousands of clients obtain the maximum settlement. We can do the same for you.  Call today for your Free, No Obligation Case Review!

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