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Attendant Care Settlement For TBI in Michigan Auto Accident

Our Michigan no-fault insurance attorneys recently settled an attendant care lawsuit for our client who suffered a traumatic brain injury in Michigan auto accident. In addition to her traumatic brain injury, our client also suffered injuries to both knees and ankles requiring her to undergo surgery. She may also require hip surgery due to injury resulting in the Michigan auto accident.

The attendant care lawsuit arises out of a head-on car accident. A negligent driver hit our client head on after crossing the center line of the road.  Our client’s head went through the side window and an emergency crew had to extract the victim from her vehicle. The lawsuit was filed against the insurance company for denial of attendant care service benefits to the car accident victim.

Attendant care services commonly include, but are not limited to: preparing meals and feeding; assistance with personal hygiene, such as dressing and bathing; attending to wounds; assistance with medication; providing transportation to and from medical appointments; and supervision and monitoring, etc.  These services can be provided by a family member and the insurance company must pay the relative.  Services can also be provided by an attendant care company furnishing those services at the home.

The insurance company doctor’s acknowledged that our client was injured in the Michigan auto accident, but stated that her injuries were resolved and she no longer had a need for attendant care.  Our Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. no-fault insurance attorneys were able prove that attendant care services were still necessary to our client.  We filed a lawsuit on her behalf and settled the lawsuit for $142,400.00.

If you or someone you know suffer serious injuries in a Michigan auto accident, and your insurance company denies the no-fault benefits you are entitled to, including attendant care services, call our law office now at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your case and learn what legal recourse is available to you. Our top rated Michigan no-fault insurance lawyers will start working on your claim immediately gathering all the evidence and witness statements to win and settle your case. Call today for your free consultation!

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