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Attendant Care Service Settlement

We recently settled a Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits lawsuit for a client who suffered a fractured cervical vertebrae in a Michigan car accident.  As a result of her severe injuries, her sister stayed with her and provided 24 hour attendant care services for four months.  This were necessary for her rehabilitation, recovery and safety.  She submitted her claim to her auto insurance company, AIG Insurance, but the adjuster agreed to pay for only one hour per day for attendant care services.

This was simply a gross underpayment of benefits and insurance adjusters do this all of the time.  They either underpay the amount of benefits or simply deny the claim altogether, regardless of whether the insured is entitled to the benefits.  In many cases, their strategy of deceipt pays off because the accident victim does not pursue the claim any further.  This is a shame because the victim is being dishonestly deprived of benefits.

In our recent case, we filed a lawsuit against AIG Insurance for the underpayment of benefits.  We proved that these services were necessary due to the injuries suffered in the car accident.  The insurance company paid a settlement of $22,500 for the underpayment of benefits.  This was eighteen times more than they originally paid to the client.  For more information on Attendant Care Benefits and other rights after a Michigan car accident, request our FREE BOOK, "The Ultimate Michigan Car Accident Handbook."
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