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Attendant Care Service Benefits

Our Michigan No-Fault Insurance lawyers often file claims on behalf of our injured clients for Attendant Care Service benefits.  These benefits provide for payment to individuals (even family members) or agencies who assist and supervise a car accident victim during the period of recovery after the accident.  These benefits are considered a medical benefit and can last years and even a lifetime.

Many times, the auto insurance company will pay the benefit but will grossly underpay a fair wage to for the provider.  The amount of benefit can vary from $10.00/hour up to $25.00/hour (or even more) depending on the type of injury suffered and the level of services.  When an insurance company is underpaying for these benefits. we often sue the insurance company to make them pay the fair rate in the future and to recover the underpayments in the past.  These claims are often substantial.
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