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Attendant Care Benefits Settlement - Michigan Lawyers For Attendant Care Claims

We recently settled a Michigan no-fault insurance lawsuit against Hastings Mutual Insurance Company for attendant care service benefits.   These benefits were owed to a man who suffered quadriplegia in a Michigan car accident.  The insurance company failed to pay for 24 hour attendant care necessary, which included turning him during sleeping hours to avoid pressure sores, assistance with a quadriplegic bowel program, catheterization, and other special needs for accident related injuries. 

The insurance company was paying for 16 hours a day for care when he required 24 hour a day services.   Under the settlement terms, the insurance company is paying for back benefits owed and future benefits. Insurance companies are notorious for underpaying attendant care benefits, especially when they are to be paid to family members.  Quite often, it is necessary to hire a lawyer to force the insurer to pay the proper amount.
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