Amusement Park Accident Lawsuit Filed

Amusement parks, carnivals, and theme parks provide great thrills, fun, and entertainment for people of all ages.  When you look at the rides and roller coasters, you cannot help but wonder how the rides are designed, built, and constructed to avoid accidents and injuries.   Just the sheer speed and dynamics of the rides baffles the mind.   Most amusement parks put a great emphasis on rider safety, but there are always some serious injuries and accidents that still occur.  The question is whether the amusement park or carnival operator can be held legally accountable for those injuries?  The answer is YES.

This, of course, depends on the type of accident, the reason for the accident, and the nature of the injuries claimed by the rider.  Recently, an Oklahoma woman filed suit against Six Flags Over Texas for injuries that she suffered while riding the Texas Tornado ride back in 2006.   She also sued the manufacturer of the ride.  She claims to have suffered back and neck injuries due to the ride malfunctioning and attempted to resolve her claims with the park, but they were uncooperative and she filed her suit.  The case will most likely pend for more than a year before we know the outcome.

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