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Surgery, Surgeons, and Medical Malpractice in Michigan

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers handle a number of cases involving surgery malpractice.  These cases often involve either mistakes during surgery or the failure to recognize complications after the surgery.  Quite often, there are complications that occur after a surgical procedure that can cause significant harm if not timely detected and treated.  This can result in significant injury and even death.

In most surgeries, there are risks and complications inherent to the surgery itself.  This means that not every bad result is caused by medical malpractice.  It is essential to speak with an experienced surgery malpractice lawsuit to see if you have a case.  There are strict time limitations in Michigan for filing surgery malpractice lawsuits so it is important that you contact our law firm as soon as possible to see if you have a case.    You should also request our FREE BOOK, "The Ultimate Michigan Medical Malpractice Handbook," to learn more about your legal rights.
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