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$100,000 Brain Injury Settlement for Michigan Pedestrian Accident

Our Michigan brain injury lawyers recently settled a pedestrian injury accident lawsuit against a drunk driver.  The driver struck and seriously injured a pedestrian walking lawfully across the street.  The drunk driver was arrested and pled guilty to the drunk driving offense.  He was sentenced to prison.

The effects of a traumatic brain injury after a Michigan car accident can be devastating, both to the survivor and the survivor’s family. Some of the most common outcome of TBI’s after a Michigan car accident include, but not limited to swallowing disorders, headaches, incontinence, balance problems, coordination and movement problems, memory loss and more.

We filed a pedestrian accident lawsuit in the Wayne County Circuit Court seeking damages for the brain injury and other injuries suffered in the accident.  These included fractures to the spine and a broken arm.  The client underwent lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation and has not fully recovered from the accident related injuries. 

Our lawyers took depositions of witnesses and worked diligently to determine if a case could be filed against a bar or store that served the defendant any liquor that caused his intoxication.  After a thorough investigation, we were unable to prove this claim and it was apparent that the driver had been drinking in his vehicle before the accident.  We then settled the case for the full $100,000 insurance policy limits from the drunk driver’s insurance company.




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